By Wilson Ang

All parents want their children to be successful in life when they grow up and hence a lot of emphasis is being placed on children’s academic results. This means that the kids are often loaded with more and more tuitions, enrichment classes and as a result, tremendous pressure were exerted on the kids without the parents realizing it, thereby unwittingly depriving their children of the joy of learning and perhaps even a happy childhood.

Are the parents doing the right way? Are good grades a reliable indicator for success in life? According to Dr YKK who is an expert in this field, this is not necessarily so because, more than ever before in this technology-based and highly connected world, good thinking skills – particularly creative thinking – is the most prized asset for success. If your children cannot think well, they can easily be replaced by computers and machines in their working lives.

The question is how we can nurture our children to be creative! It can be a challenge for parents to nurture creativity in their children in this highly competitive society where most parents would focus on their children’s academic excellence. Competition among schools is likely to exert additional pressure on the children and school’s highly pressured examinations system leaves little time for our children to play, to daydream and to explore the world around them.

According to Dr YKK, Nurturing Creative Children is one of the little treasures. He has collected insights, observations and thoughts about creative children from respected educators, leaders, politicians, teachers and parents around the globe that will “unzip your mind”. Sources include, for example, Thomas Edison, Anne Frank and Plato.

Dr YKK has put together tips in his book “Nurturing Creative Children” to act like a compass to provide a sense of purpose and direction for parents. Some of his tips include affirmations, choosing the right toys, exposing children to music and art etc.

You will be amazed how seemingly unimportant things can create significant impact on children’s creativity and hence their future. If you are interested to find out more on how to nurture creative children, please visit the website at [].

“Children who are good at using their imagination during creative play were better able to cope with stress later in life.” Sandra W. Russ

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