What is creativity? The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia defines creativity as “the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill”. This could be through a solution to a certain problem, discovering a new method to complete something or through an artistic object or form. When discussing creativity in kids, it is generally thought of the arts. The arts could include music, drama or artistic ability. However, this is a limited view of creativity. The Children’s Health Encyclopedia defines creativity as the “ability to think up and design new inventions, produce works of art, solve problems in new ways, or develop an idea based on an original, novel or unconventional approach (answers.com/topic/creativity). This article will discuss the depth of creativity, what effects a child’s environment has on their creative ability, and how parents can inspire a creative child.

Are all children creative? Are all children intelligent? How do we define intelligence and creativeness? Today’s society tends to put people into certain categories. This can be detrimental to a child as they are still learning and developing their personalities. There have been studies that suggest that a child’s creative ability has no correlation to their level of intelligence. Most creative children will not fit into the mold that society has set as the norm. They may seem spontaneous or unafraid to try new things. They may wish to participate in several different kinds of activities and unafraid to voice their own opinion. It is important that people surrounding this type of child look for signs of certain levels of creativity. Try not to inhibit their creative ability but encourage it in the limits that are safe and acceptable.

Studies also suggest that it is not heredity that enhances one’s level of creativity but their environment. This is an important discovery especially when discussing creative ability in children. Children are influenced by their surroundings and the people they come in contact with on a daily basis. If their surroundings inhibit their chance to be creative, they will not learn how to express themselves to their full ability. They may have creative abilities, but if their environment does not stimulate this, they will not reach their full potential.

Encourage your child’s creativity. This is not hard to do. One good way to inspire their creativity is to let them think for themselves. Allow them to ask questions and work through a problem until they come up with an answer on their own. Creativity is free thinking. If they are always given the answer, then it is hard for them to function in the world and be self-sufficient. Another way to inspire creative ability is to expose them to new ideas and events. Take them to a museum or concert. If they enjoy science, take them to a kid’s discovery event. Any quality time spent with your children is both rewarding for the parent and beneficial for the child. They will remember it in years to come and their adult life could be enhanced.

Although some see it as a hindrance, creativity is an asset. Creative people have benefited society for many years. Why not give your child every opportunity to benefit society? Every child has the potential for some level of creativity. It needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Allow your child to become their own person. Not only will they benefit, but you will to as you see your child grow into a wonderful person.

Jami Holloway is the mother of two and home business owner. She supports creativity in children and approves of the creative toys seen on [http://kidspretendplay.com].

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