Five Great Tips On Nurturing Creativity In Children


This is so key in a Child’s development. Even as Adults we are encouraged when People tell us what We are doing right, how much more a Child. It is vital to plant positive thoughts and self-confidence in a Child’s mind. The best time to do this is just before they go to sleep at night and waking them up in the morning.

Getting The Correct Toys

The Toys should be safe and appropriate for their Age. Children need to be left to explore. The Toys chosen for them should allow them to use their imagination and they should have fun at the same time.


The effect of Music in developing creativity in a Child cannot be under-estimated. Music can be used to increase a Child’s creativity and also to improve their general well-being. Music is excellent for mind-body development. Allowing a Child to learn to play Music is even better than just listening to it. Specifically playing Baroque Music e.g Mozart, Handel while Children are Studying would really enhance their Creativity.

Taking A Walk In The Garden

Children need to be encouraged to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. Make them aware of the force of the wind, the enormity of the Ocean, the perfection of a snowflake, the beauty of the night Sky full of Stars. Stimulating a Child’s five basic senses promotes their mental, physical and spiritual development.

Fantasy Play

Children should be encouraged to indulge in fantasy play even if a mess is created. Empty Boxes for instance are quite fascinating to Children. They could be used as Cars, Planes for example.

These are great tips and are further elaborated in Dr Yew Kam Keong’s amazing E-Book on “Nurturing Creative Children”.

Dr Keong was one of the eight International creativity advisers to the famous toy company Lego, Denmark to spearhead a global non-profit project “The Next Generation Forum” to promote creativity to the children of the world.

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Margaret Franceska Akinterinwa is an Informational Technology Professional who is passionate about seing the Creative abilities of Children and Adults developed.

Raising Creative Children
Raising Creative Children

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